Welcome to our TIC 2020 Virtual Booth!

Happy Curls, Happy Girls is a handmade hairCARE line-emphasis on Care-born & bred in Trinidad & Tobago. Why us?

1. #CaribbeanStrong. The only haircare line formulated for the Caribbean 🌴

2. Trichologist Approved.

3. All Textures Welcome.

4. Undiluted Ingredients means No Fillers.

5. No Unnecessary Synthetics.

6. Healthy = Beautiful. No parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde or silicones. 

7. Simple. Natural².Healthy. 

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  • Shampoo & Conditioners

This step gives your hair a starting base to build on; these work well for all hair types or you can stick with your own fave line. Don't tell anyone...but the stylers are the most important.

  • Stylers & Sealers

The most important group in the HCHG arsenal, these stay in your hair the longest so they have the greatest impact. With ONE (yes, just one) for every texture, ALL you need is some H2O and you're good to go!
While knowing your curl pattern is great, it's possible to have e.g. tight curls, but fine strands-so texture is a much safer bet when it comes to choosing a product. 
Click here for a super easy quiz to help you choose!

    • Repair & Maintain

    Want to extend the lifetime of a style? Or maybe there's a problem spot you're working on. We got you!

      • Colour

      Have fun! Healthy, mineral based and temporary hair colour is here!

        • The HairCARE Collection

         Add a little extra omph to your routine! These are for those times when you're in the mood for some extra hair (and self) care.