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Natural Hydrating Leave In Lotion

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Instant leave-in moisture! A quick pick-me-up refresher for both scalp & strands. Fantastic for maintaining hydration during long term protective styles, open & out hair dos or locs. As a stand alone styler, it's perfect for the finer textures.   
In ten amazing fragrances, this spritz is great for keeping your tresses hydrated & sweetly scented.
  • Nettle strengthens hair, fights free radicals & inflammation, stimulates growth and is rich in calcium, vitamin D & silica (make yourself a cup of nettle tea while you're at it)

  • pH balanced for healthy hair, it's perfect for controlling itchy, dry scalps when in braids or extensions

  • Cationic (positively charged) formulation binds to your negatively charged hair strands for repair & protection against stress caused by styling e.g. blow drying, colour or combing; as well as environmental damage

  • A healthy & light balance of hydration with oils that seal, condition & strengthen

    Ingredients: Nettle Infused Water, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Colza Bean Derived Conditioning Emulsifier (BTMS 25), Vitamin E, Neem Oil, Fragrance Oil, Paraben Free Preservative.

    Nt. Wt. 4oz & 8oz