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A Mask A Day May Challenge!

Our feature in O Magazine (still dying over that) 10 DIY Hair Masks for Growth & Thickness  inspired us! Who's up for some hair mask shenanigans?!


Introducing the *A Mask A Day May* challenge! 6 diy masks, 6 days!

Talk about #covidglowup 
Alternating strengthening (think protein-ish) with moisture focused masks for an amazing finish, your hair should be ready for anything after this. Most are skin friendly too, so that's a two for one bonus! Grab a mask buddy & let's go!

list of 6 masks

Shopping List

They're DIY options for each day but you can always cheat & grab our handmade versions of Day 1, 4 & 6! You won't need too much, so small sizes should be just fine. Check your kitchen first of course!

shopping list for masks

Extras? A shower cap to help them steam in, an old towel, comb for sectioning & gloves if you really want to stay super clean during application. But mess is half the hair mask fun!

Steps & Tips

If you don't take a picture, did it really happen?

Just kidding...but it's a great idea to snap an unfiltered, naturally lit pic of your hair, sans product, before you get started. Pay attention to how it feels after each mask so you can track the cumulative effect & even which treatment your hair likes best!

    ºDay 3 & 4's masks (Rice Water Rinse & Cayenne Hot Oil) are more intense if prepped about a week in advance so you may want to get them ready & set them aside first.
    ºDay 1: Start with shampooed & conditioned hair for a clean slate! Apply Mask 1.
    ºDay 2: Rinse Mask 1 out with warm water only. Take a pic! If you absolutely have to shampoo, then choose a co-wash or a mild, sulfate free cleanser like our Natural Soapberry & Apple Herbal Shampoo. Apply Mask 2!
    ºRepeat these steps until Day 6.
    ºDay 6: If you're going with the DIY Coconut Milk & Banana/Avocado option then rinse Mask 5 out; apply Mask 6 & end it all with a regular shampoo & conditioner. If our delicious Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner & Hair Repair Masque is your pick, then use a regular shampoo, wash Mask 5 out & deep condition to finish! 
    ºGlow up! Oh & send us your pics!

       All masks except for the Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner & Hair Repair Masque can be left overnight if you'd like!

      The Masks!

      Day 1: Dark Chocolate & Coconut Cream

      Day 2: Aloe Vera & Apple Cider Vinegar

      Day 3: Yao Rice Water Rinse

      Day 4: Cayenne Hot Oil Treatment

      Day 5: Oatmeal Milk & Honey

      Day 6: Coconut Milk & Banana/Avocado OR Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner & Hair Repair Masque