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About Us

Fact: Healthy = Beautiful.

This belief was the beginning of a personal journey for two Trinidadian sisters, the De Lisle's. A quest not just for easier-to-manage hair but for hair care that was actually healthy.

It all started with a handmade soap making course by the amazing Scents of Tobago...we finally began paying attention to and learning the real purpose of those impossible-to-pronounce chemicals at the back of our fave cosmetics and everyday items like lotions and body washes.

The potential for irritation, hormone disruption, bio-accumulation, even possible carcinogens was mind boggling (there's formaldehyde in my shampoo?!?!)!  Plus the fact that most provided only temporary, surface benefits but did nothing for the long term health of our skin & hair...sigh.

So with one sister being the graduate mixtress and the other, a medically trained guinea pig-throw our loving, long suffering parents in the mix too, we started experimenting with both hair and skin goodies for our  personal use. The results were REAL, over time there was noticeable improvement in our skin, textures & growth. We found that HEALTH and BEAUTY naturally go together.

Though going commercial was never the intention, soon people started asking "Wha' yuh using in yuh head dey gyul?" So adding in close friends, an aunt plus a cousin or two, we worked on understanding the science, perfecting our mixes and formulating for more textures. We focused on what worked versus hype and made some pretty mind blowing discoveries along the way! (What do you mean curl pattern may not be the best basis to choose product???)

Since business was not the aim, our focus was always (and still is) quality and value instead of margin. So we started with undiluted and carefully selected  traditional and modern ingredients, that would do almost everything in one-moisturize, condition, strengthen, retain length, add shine, etc. etc. etc.
We stayed away from unnecessary synthetics as much as possible and kept it as natural as we could with mainly plant and plant derived ingredients. The aim was to improve the look, feel and health of your own naked hair over time.

We know that each individual's hair is different but hair care does NOT have to be complicated or tedious because hair science is simple; plus we belong to the #lazynatural tribe ourselves!

And of course, we strongly believe that what makes you beautiful should not make you sick. NO Mineral Oils, Petroleum, Alcohol, Silicones, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Formaldehyde or Artificial Colour.

Our products are especially special because they were formulated with the hot, humid Caribbean climate in mind instead of the usual temperate zone focused fare. It takes pretty potent mixes to stand up to the tropics' heat while keeping your hair sufficiently sealed & protected. And while Caribbean formulas work well in not so harsh climates, the reverse is not always true.

Once you find the combination of Happy Curls, Happy Girls products that is right for you, we promise you'll see and feel a difference over time as your scalp & strands heal. We've staked our own kinks & curls on our mixes and we know you'll love them too!

Welcome to the HCHG family!

Happy Curls Happy Girls sister

 We're starting a Natural² Revolution!


1) Loving what comes out of your head…WHATEVER the texture: waves, straight, kinks, curls or all in ones. Have fun with it, play around with it, it’s all yours to love!

2) Keeping what you put into your hair natural too! Whatever you put on your scalp, skin & hair may end up in your system. With healthy hair care, you won't just look good on the outside, but be 'beautiful' on the inside too.

Time to get Happy :)